Happy Place

Club Mission

  1. To provide a stress-free space for modern remote workers, freelancers, creatives, and critical thinkers to get work done.

  2. To help enliven our downtown community by hosting regular events and partnering with other local organizations.

  3. To promote, support, and cultivate local arts and artists through public engagement.

Happy Place

Key Details

Membership Cost

Annual membership dues are

*In addition, you may optionally present a sacrificial token to the keep the space happy: hot sauce, coffee mugs, small plants, dog treats, organic honey, etc.

Membership Add-Ons


Exclusively for Happy Place Members

  • 1-Day Pass • 8am - 6pm • M-F $10/day
  • Drop-in • 8am - 6pm • M-F $75/month
  • Dedicated Desk • 24/7 $250/month

Event Rentals

Discounted For Happy Place Members

  • Morning Rental • 6am - 8am • M-Th $40/hr.
  • Evening Rental • 6pm - 12am • M-Th $40/hr.
  • Weekend Rental • flexible hours • F-Su $60/hr.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to coworking via day pass / monthly subscription / dedicated desk.

  • Co-mingle with a community of like-minded creatives, makers, and doers.

  • Get social at Happy Place shows, game nights & members-only gatherings.

  • Bring your friends: invite up to 2 adult visitors at a time for coworking or social events.

  • Host your own events: get a 20% discount on rental fees for events that you host.

Purpose Over Profit

We're a non-pecuniary club, which basically means we're not trying to get rich. We are currently 100% volunteer-operated: club revenue supports improvements to the communal space and functional management of the club. Any additional proceeds generated via club activities will be donated to organizations, creative projects, and causes that advance the ideals of human rights and environmental sustainability.

How to join?

To become a member, you must submit a written application and be democratically approved by the board of directors.

About the application process:

Anyone who is over the age of 21 may apply to become a member of The Happy Place. When determining whether or not to accept a potential member's application, our ultimate goal is to foster a productive work environment and an inclusive, friendly social atmosphere. Your written application is an opportunity to express yourself: we recommend going into detail where appropriate and injecting your own personality and sense of humor as you see fit.

Members Only


The Happy Place offers a coworking experience unlike anywhere else. We are a dog-friendly space with giraffe-height ceilings, a neon-sign mural, musical ambiance, and occasional ping-pong skirmishes. This is coworking for creative workers and critical thinkers who don’t care about fuddy-duddy office decorum. As long as you’re respectful, you can be as casual as you damn well please.

Pricing & Access

  • Day Pass

    8am – 6pm access

    Mon. – Fri.


    $15/day for guests

  • Drop-in

    8am – 6pm access

    Mon. – Fri.


    Add locker for $10/mo

  • Dedicated Desk

    24/7 Access

    All Days*


    Other perks included.

*Dedicated desk renters may have restricted access certain evenings/weekends when private events are scheduled.
A calendar of upcoming event bookings will be made available.

Office Amenities

Drop-In / Day Pass
General Space Amenities

Use the space for work-related activities during business hours.

  • Access during business hours

  • Wireless internet access

  • Indoor bicycle parking

  • Bring your well-behaved dog

  • Usage of tables/chairs

  • Ping-pong table(s)

  • Kitchenette & refrigerator

  • Coffee & tea

Dedicated Desk
Additional Amenities

The perfect desk-away-from-home, available when you need it.

  • Everything from drop-in membership

  • Your very own desk

  • Wired internet access

  • Mezzanine views

  • Access via personal keycode

  • Full-time (24/7) access

  • Shower & locker usage

Apply for membership

Use the form below to start the application process.